Tourist Flight in Reims – Marne

199.00 VAT included

Scenic helicopter tour over Reims and the Marne.

Discover breathtaking landscapes from the sky!

Enjoy a magical moment with family or friends…

Service duration: 1h

Flight duration: 30 min

Our scenic flight departing from Reims-Prunay aerodrome will let you explore 3 stunning locations that showcase the richness of our region:

  • The Grand Tour of Reims
  • The Gueux F1 Circuit
  • Overflight of the Champagne vineyards

Our organized flights accommodate a maximum of 3 people per scenic tour (€199/person) – Contact us if you’d like to gift this experience.


Weather Conditions: Feasibility depends on visual flight conditions. If the tour is cancelled, we will reschedule with you. No additional costs will be incurred. Equipment & Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing suited to the weather and season. Don’t forget your camera and perhaps sunglasses. Passport or identification is mandatory for admission to airport facilities! A prerequisite for flight participation is the individual suitability of the passenger in terms of health and weight. In the following situations, flights are only possible upon request:

  • People taller than 2 meters
  • People weighing more than 120 kg
  • Pregnant women
  • Minors without parental supervision/or accompanied by a non-legal guardian
  • In cases of physical or mental limitations.

For any other questions, please get in touch with us.


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