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BELL 505

Navigating the global airspace, the Robinson R44 stands out as the most sought-after civilian helicopter on the planet. Born from a refined evolution of the R22 and powered by a robust piston engine, this aviation masterpiece was designed from its inception for civilian use.

Crafted by the ingenuity of Frank Robinson, it offers an unparalleled flying experience with seating for four, including that of the pilot. The R44 is a star in the realm of sightseeing flights, ensuring every passenger a window seat to savor breathtaking panoramas. Come join in, press your nose against the window, and let yourself be swept away by the magic of the R44.

The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is a single-engine light turbine helicopter with seating capacity for a pilot and up to four passengers in a comfortably spacious cabin. Its adaptability to various flight environments makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of missions.

The Bell 505 embodies performance, versatility, and efficiency. Environmentally friendly due to its advanced technology and reduced consumption, it also offers increased visibility and a spectacular panoramic view to its passengers, contributing to a fascinating and safe flying experience.

Technical Specifications

R44 Cabin Capacity

1 pilot + 3 passengers

B505 Cabin Capacity

1 pilot + 4 passengers

130.49 mph
113 kts

Cruising Speed

149.13 mph
130 kts

Maximum Speed

144.16 mph
125 kts

Cruising Speed

178.34 mph
155 kts

Maximum Speed

Course Outline for R44 Training

Type ratings are quick to obtain and cost-effective. The hardest part will be choosing between the Robinson R44 and the Bell 505!

Course Outline for Bell 505 Training

The additional qualification and its details will depend on your experience with a Bell 206 helicopter or Garmin 1000.

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