CEFA, Centre de Formation pour pilote hélicoptères


The most beautiful places to fly over in a helicopter

Helicopters offer a unique and unrivalled way to explore the most spectacular landscapes on our planet. Whether to admire natural wonders or man-made creations, here is a selection of the most beautiful places to fly over by helicopter around the world and in France. The Grand Canyon, USA Image by Dom…

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How is the CEFA selection process organised?

To become a commercial helicopter pilot, you need to go through the training stage. This will enable you to: master an aircraft, know how to plan and prepare a flight, know how to navigate in complete safety, while ensuring the safety of your passengers… These training courses require a financial…

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How to become a private helicopter pilote ?

Becoming a Private Pilot: An Attainable Dream The dream of flight has always captivated mankind. For centuries, we have invented and imagined devices to explore the world from the sky. It was not until 1903 that humans achieved “motorized” flight for the first time, thanks to the Wright brothers’ invention.…

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How do you finance your training? Our advice and tips

How do you finance your training? Our advice and tips SOMMAIRE Introduction Exploit financing opportunities Chasing grants and subsidies Focus on work-linked training and apprenticeships Plan strategically and save intelligently Conclusion In an ever-changing world of work, investing in training is essential if you are to remain competent and progress…

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Devenir pilote privé d'hélicoptère

Radio Messages: Between Myth and Reality

Radio Messages: Between Myth and Reality SOMMAIRE Introduction Radio communication Why so many myths? The myths of radio communication Myths about radio messages The reality of pilot telecommunications Context of use of radio telecommunications Conclusion In the realm of aviation, radio communication stands as a central pillar, vital for the…

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Flying a helicopter through the seasons

Flying a helicopter through the seasons SOMMAIRE Introduction Flying a helicopter in spring Flying a helicopter in summer Flying a helicopter in autumn Flying a helicopter in winter Conclusion Piloting a helicopter is a captivating and demanding adventure. Pilots of these aircraft are constantly faced with unique challenges, and this…

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What sectors are in demand for pilots?

What sectors are in demand for pilots? SOMMAIRE Introduction Emergency medical services Oil and gas drilling Aerial work and lifting Training, instruction Conclusion The employment opportunities for pilots heavily depend on the geographical area in which they operate, as well as their field of activity (refer to our previous article…

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Pilot job: Preparing for the job market

Pilot job: How can the CPLH ensure employability? SOMMAIRE Une demande croissante de pilotes Une croissance alimentée par la technologie et l’innovation Les secteurs en demande de pilotes Comment CEFA propose le 100% employabilité à ses futurs pilotes ?  Les postes auxquels prétendre après une CPL(H) ?  Conclusion The fascinating…

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pilote de secours

Being a pilot in the rescue sector

At the heart of the action, the life of a pilot in the rescue sector SOMMAIRE Introduction Missions de sauvetages en milieu hostile Un entrainement spécifique pour les missions de secours La coordination avec les équipes au sol Les perspectives professionnels du secteur Conclusion Introduction Pilots play a crucial role…

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The FCL.055 exam, everything you need to know

The FCL.055 exam, everything you need to know SOMMAIRE All you need to know about FCL.055 How to prepare for the exam What is the format of the exam? Why is the FCL.055 so important for becoming a pilot? How the exam works Advice The FCL.055 exam, a crucial milestone…

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What is the day-to-day role of a helicopter pilot?

The essential role of the pilot SUMMARY Technical and mental skills Safety first and foremost Managing varied assignments Economic and social importance Technological developments and ongoing training Navigation expert Team coordination Continuing education Conclusion The world of aviation is characterised by demanding professions, and helicopter pilots occupy a central place…

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The various roles of the pilot profession

The various roles of the pilot profession Table of contents The pilot’s job A day at the heart of the action Functions essential to everyday life The challenges and opportunities of the business The pilot’s career Conclusion The profession of a helicopter pilot is one marked by challenges and dedication,…

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Examens PP(H) et CPL(H)

PPL(H) and CPL(H) exam preparation: The keys to success

PPL(H) and CPL(H) training preparation: The keys to success SUMMARY Introduction Comprendre les exigences de la PPL(H) Progresser vers la licence CPL(H) Les ressources et stratégies de préparation à l’examen Nos conseils pratiques pour réussir Conclusion Introduction If you aspire to take the controls of a helicopter, you’re probably already…

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maintenance des hélicoptères - métier de pilote

Helicopter servicing and maintenance

Helicopter servicing and maintenance SUMMARY Helicopter maintenance: key to safety Corrective action: Taking effective action in the event of problems Record-keeping: Documenting every stage Scheduled maintenance: Ensuring regulatory compliance Working with qualified professionals Conclusion Helicopter aviation is a demanding discipline based on precision and safety. To ensure worry-free flying, it…

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Becoming a private helicopter pilot

Becoming a pilot, from dream to reality

For adventurous spirits who have always dreamed of soaring through the skies and dominating the horizons, the world of aviation offers a unique gateway: becoming a helicopter pilot. This exhilarating and demanding pursuit turns a simple dream into a thrilling reality, where aviation enthusiasts can literally touch the clouds. In…

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