FI(H) Flight Instructor Qualification and Refresher

Your expertise at the service of the sky

Become a Flight Instructor

A new adventure

Embark on a rewarding journey with CEFA’s Flight Instructor Qualification and Refresher.

Elevate your career, inspire future pilots, and share your passion for aviation while keeping your skills up to date. Become the cornerstone of aviation’s future.

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Excellence as a requirement

Flight Instructor Qualification and Refresher is accessible to both private and professional pilots.

This qualification demands high standards of behavior and professionalism. Your trainee’s knowledge will come from you, and your attitudes will be reflected in their behavior as a pilot.

Training Outline

FI(H) qualification et recyclage

Prerequisites for FI(H) Qualification

The following prerequisites apply for an initial instructor qualification:

Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Enhance Your Skills

To ensure optimal performance and ongoing validity of your flight instructor qualification, a refresher course is required periodically. This course includes theoretical ground training as well as an evaluation flight, tailored to specific needs. Our experienced instructors and examiners at CEFA will guide you throughout the program, ensuring you are well-prepared to effectively impart your skills. The format of this course is flexible, it can be organized in groups and tailored to various locations based on the number of participants.

Refresh your Qualification

A pilot holding an FI(H) qualification must meet 2 out of the following 3 criteria to validate their recertification :

Training Outline

Other locations are possible if more than 5 people participate.

FI(H) qualification et recyclage