Night Rating

Let the nocturnal world unfold beneath your wings

Change your pilot experience forever

Night flying

Imagine yourself navigating over sparkling night landscapes, savoring the tranquility of the atmosphere, all while benefiting from enhanced safety. With the Night Flying Qualification, this dream can become a reality. Broaden your horizons and enrich your PPL(H) pilot privileges by embracing the unique splendor of night flying.
qualification vol de nuit
qualification vol de nuit - vue aérienne

Optimal conditions

Under a starry sky, with the soothing calm of reduced air traffic, basking in the tranquility of turbulence-free flight. Night flying conditions are less restrictive than daytime, mainly due to the reduced aerial activity it entails.

Visualize illuminated cities and airports that sparkle like jewels beneath your feet. With CEFA’s night flying qualification, this extraordinary experience is within your reach.

Training Outline

The access conditions for the qualification :

The nighttime landscapes are waiting for you!

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