The best asset for employability in the international market

A program made in CEFA

We understand that obtaining the Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence CPL(H) is a crucial step for an international aviation career. That’s why we have collaborated with leading training partners worldwide to create the Double CPL(H) program.
This innovative training program saves time and money in obtaining licences in Europe and Canada, and also facilitates the transition to a licence in the United States. Our commitment? To provide you with top-notch training and unwavering support to launch your helicopter pilot career.
Double licence - hélico
Built upon the EASA Integrated CPL(H) program, CEFA’s Double Professional Licence program provides you with comprehensive training and allows you to simultaneously obtain the CPL(H) from Transport Canada.
Having two sought-after licences makes you an asset to any employer, whether in Europe or one of the 52 Commonwealth member states. Additionally, the FAA licence in the United States can be easily acquired at a later stage of your training or career, enabling you to work virtually anywhere in the world.

Career prospects after obtaining the Double CPL(H) licence


Become an invaluable member of the film production team by enabling incredible shots during shoots.

Search and rescue operations

Save lives in hard-to-reach areas where ground rescue is challenging. Your role will have a positive impact on the lives of people in danger

Guaranteed employment

Thanks to our Canadian partnership, every graduate from the program is offered a position in Canada

And many more...

Passenger transportation

Take your passengers across countries and oceans around the world. Your missions will be diverse and highly responsible

Air ambulance services

Respond to large-scale accidents to save lives every day. Your career will blend adrenaline and passion

ATPL(H), theoretical training for airline pilots

L’Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (Hélicoptère) ou Integrated ATPL(H) is the pinnacle of training to become a professional helicopter pilot. Our integrated ATPL(H) programme offers comprehensive, rigorous training with nearly 14 modules designed to prepare pilots for success in the fast-changing aviation industry.

The integrated ATPL(H) programme combines in-depth theoretical training, practical flying hours and immersion in real aviation operations. Our highly qualified instructors guide every step of the way, providing unrivalled expertise and personalised training to ensure that our students acquire the skills they need to become competent and confident professionals.

When you choose the integrated ATPL(H), you’re setting yourself on the path to aviation excellence. Our learning environment, combined with ideal training resources and facilities, gives you the tools you need to succeed in the commercial aviation industry.

The CEFA method

The CEFA method condenses over 30 years of helicopter piloting experience. Our strength lies in personalized methodology, allowing each individual to develop their skills at their own pace.
photo accueil hélico

The training process

Examples of subjects taught:

  • Aviation Regulations
  • Principles of Flight (aerodynamics, physics, etc.)
  • Human Performance and Human Factors (biology, anatomy, psychology)

The admission requirements for the training

Pre-requisites for the Double CPL(H) training

This training is open to both European and international students.

If you already hold a different aviation license, you may be eligible for a tailored program for your CPL(H) training. PPL(H) holders may be admitted to the integrated CPL(H) training, potentially reducing the duration and cost of training.


The Return on Investment (ROI)

The graph above illustrates the journey of a prospective pilot, from the initial investment to the full realization of their dream, through the Double CPL(H) training.

At the beginning of the journey, the investment required to enroll in helicopter pilot training is substantial. The future pilot will fully repay their investment within 10 years, with the assistance of CEFA’s support. This ease of access to employment even before completing the training allows the future pilot to make their monthly payments without worries, ensuring a smooth transition to their new job.

The key aspect of this graph is the upward curve of return on investment. It shows that from the 3rd to the 7th year following entry into training, the future pilot takes on roles related to flight preparation. This allows them to apply the skills they’ve acquired while becoming more familiar with the pilot’s environment. You will be able to live comfortably while repaying your investment at this point.

The eagerly anticipated moment arrives in the 7th year: You are ready to take control of your career and fly as a professional pilot in the sector of your choice. It is at this stage that the initial investment is fully justified. The pilot then leads the life of their dreams, being able to fly independently with the confidence and expertise gained during these formative years.

This is how your initial investment will transform into a long-term dream career.


Cost of training :
from : 109 350€

Additional information:

Additional cost for a candidate who does not hold a theoretical ATPL(H) : 10 000€

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