The concept: admire the landscapes of the Marne and Reims!

A breathtaking aerial view of the prestigious Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral, the Place Royale, the Musée des Beaux Arts, the Porte de Mars and the famous and legendary Reims – Gueux motor racing circuit.
Take the plunge and discover Champagne from the air, with a helicopter flight!

Privatise a helicopter for personalised tours departing from your field or one of our bases (Reims, Épernay). Choose the duration of the helicopter flight (from 5 to 10 minutes) and the route, including a flyover of your points of interest.

Whether for a day or a weekend, or for a regular project, offer a sightseeing flight, a unique and tailor-made experience.


Would you like to visit Champagne in a different way?
From a different angle?
Then don’t hesitate and embark on the Heli & Fun adventure!

Whether you’re with friends, family, colleagues or anyone else, come and enjoy the extraordinary experience of flying in a helicopter.
Come and discover Champagne from the sky!


How many people can book a tour?

We can accommodate a maximum of 3 people per tour.
(2 people for a private flight)

Can I buy a voucher as a gift?

You can make a loved one’s dream come true.
Simply choose the option to purchase a voucher when booking your flight.


General information:

Each passenger may be accompanied by a maximum of one person on the ground for safety reasons.

Weather conditions :

We are subject to weather conditions. If the weather is unfavourable, the flight will be cancelled and postponed to a later date. No additional charges will be added.

Equipment and clothing:

Wear comfortable clothing suited to the weather and the season.
Don’t forget some protections and sunglasses if necessary.
Passport or ID required for access to airport facilities!

The prerequisite for taking part in a flight is the passenger’s personal fitness in terms of health and weight:

Be no more than 2 metres tall
Weigh no more than 120 kg
Not recommended for pregnant women
Minors without parental supervision / or accompanied by a non-legal guardian
If you have any physical or mental limitations, please consult your doctor.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.