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Do you hold an ICAO licence and aspire to the European skies with ambition? Europe welcomes you with open arms, offering an EASA licence that is essential for working within the EU.
Whether it’s CPL, PPL, or FI licences, a conversion is within your reach. With CEFA, you can receive tailor-made training to convert your licence based on your experiences and qualifications. Take the leap and soar higher in Europe.
Conversion pays tiers
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Tailored conversion

Every pilot has their own unique journey and set of skills.

That’s why we are committed to providing personalized conversion training tailored to your level and needs.

We shape a customized path that turns your existing license into a valuable EASA qualification. Choose CEFA for a seamless transition and training that honors your individuality as a pilot.

The eligibility criteria for EASA PPL(H) conversion

The process of EASA PPL(H) conversion

Theoretical section

Conversion pays tiers (OACI vers EASA)

Practical section

The eligibility criteria for EASA CPL(H) conversion.

The process for the EASA CPL(H) conversion is as follows:

Practical section

Conversion pays tiers - déroulé

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