Our trainings

Double Professional Pilot License

The Dual CPL(H) allows you to obtain both a European (EASA) and Canadian (TC) license!

Type Rating

Type rating is the choice to pilot and master different helicopters.

Third-Country Conversion

This conversion allows you to transition from an ICAO license to an EASA license.

Professional Pilot License

CPL(H) training allows you to obtain a European (EASA) license to fly anywhere in Europe!

Night Rating

The night rating qualification is letting the nocturnal world flourish beneath your wings…

FCL 055 English Exam

The mandatory qualification for all pilots!

Private Pilot License PPL(H)

The PPL(H) training allows you to fly for pleasure. It’s intended for recreational flights with your friends, family, etc.

FI(H) Qualification

Flight Instructor Qualification and Recurrent Training: Put your expertise at the service of the skies.