Our programs


Theoretical training for helicopter airline pilots: 750 hours of theory for a complete course!

Private Pilot Licence

PPL(H) training lets you fly for pleasure. It is designed for leisure flights with friends, family, etc.


Type qualification (R44 - B505)

Come and train on one of our helicopter types

Double Licence Professional Pilot

The Double CPL(H) allows you to have 2 licences in one training course: a European licence (EASA) and a Canadian licence.

FI(H): Qualification and refresher

Want to take your career to the next level? Become an instructor or upgrade your qualification if you’re already one!

Night rating


Do you want to fly at night? Then this course is for you!

Commercial pilot licence

The CPL(H) gives you a European licence (EASA)


Third-country conversion

Third country conversion allows you to convert your ICAO licence to a European EASA licence.

FCL.055 English exam

Mandatory qualification for all drivers!