Childhood dream, lifelong passion, flying around the world, soaring over breathtaking landscapes, experiencing a moment outside of time…

Embarking on this adventure, many have done it. Why not you?


CEFA offers 11 training programs, ranging from commercial/private pilot training to type qualifications, and including instructor recertification.Our flagship program: The Double CPL(H)! 
Obtain both a European (EASA) and Canadian (TC) licence simultaneously! Since the training concludes in Canada and is close to the USA, you can also obtain your American licence, allowing you to fly anywhere in the world!

One profession, a multitude of possibilities



The diagram above illustrates the career path of a pilot candidate, from the initial investment phase to the realization of their ambitions, through a complete CPL(H) training.

At the outset, the financial commitment to enroll in helicopter pilot training is substantial. Nevertheless, with CEFA’s support, the candidate can fully recoup this investment within a decade. The employment strategy crafted even before the completion of the training eases the management of monthly payments, thus making the transition to the new career more peaceful.

The central element of the diagram is the upward trajectory of the return on investment. Between the third and seventh year, the future pilot holds roles related to flight preparation. This provides an opportunity to apply the developed skills while becoming familiar with the intricacies of the profession. At this stage, it is possible to manage one’s finances with peace of mind while repaying the initial investment.

At the seventh year, a crucial milestone is reached: you are now qualified to steer your own career and work as a professional pilot in your chosen field. This is where the initial investment finds its full justification. The pilot can now enjoy the life they have always dreamed of, capable of flying independently, bolstered by the confidence and expertise accumulated during years of training.

In summary, your initial investment will prove to be the prelude to a rewarding and sustainable career in piloting.

Do you have any questions? Are you interested in embarking on this adventure? Feel free to reach out to us!