The mandatory qualification for all pilots

Pass your English Language Proficiency qualification with peace of mind

English Proficiency

Take off with confidence by mastering the key to aviation communication! The FCL.O55 qualification is your mandatory step to embrace a pilot career.

It attests to your expertise in English and radiotelephony, essential skills to navigate the skies around the world.

Aim for excellence; every word matters when you’re in control.

qualification vol de nuit
qualification vol de nuit

What is FCL.055?

In accordance with European regulations, the FCL.055 qualification validates pilots’ language proficiency, a crucial criterion for navigation in airspace.

Whether you’re a private pilot aiming for the FCL.055 VFR certification or a professional aspiring for the IFR version, this assessment comprises three essential components: audio tape listening analysis, flight simulation, and handling of atypical situations. Ensure your compliance and aeronautical excellence with the FCL.055 qualification.

Different levels based on your ambition

Operating in the sky requires advanced language proficiency. While the ICAO level 4 remains the minimum standard for flying, excellence is now sought after by leading aviation companies. Many of them prefer candidates with ICAO level 5, symbolizing advanced expertise, or even the prestigious ICAO level 6, reflecting exceptional language mastery.

Aspire to excellence; elevate yourself to the highest standards of aviation piloting.

CEFA, exam center for FCL.055

Our expertise as a European aviation training center enables us to help you pass or renew your FCL.055 VFR or FCL.055 IFR exam.

The exam process doesn’t require any travel!

Here’s how to qualify with CEFA:

qualification vol de nuit