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Becoming a private pilot

Taking the leap to become a private helicopter pilot with the PPL(H) training is much more than just a choice of ambition; it’s the expression of a deeply rooted dream. This unique adventure allows you to conquer the skies, offering unparalleled freedom and a fresh perspective on the world.

More than a skill, it’s a rewarding journey that enriches you, nurturing your passion while boosting your confidence and independence. Embark on the PPL(H) training and give wings to your aspirations.

CPL(H) - hélico
Hélico reims

The PPL(H) Private Pilot Licence is the ideal solution for those who want to fulfill their dream of flying a helicopter for pleasure.

It’s intended for recreational flights, whether flying solo or with friends and family.

Furthermore, it can be useful for business purposes as it allows you to take clients and associates on exciting rides while offering greater flexibility for your business travels.

Due to its reduced content, cost, and time requirements, it’s more accessible than the CPL(H).

The CEFA Method

The CEFA method condenses over 30 years of experience in helicopter piloting. Our strength lies in an individualized methodology, allowing each individual to develop their skills at their own pace.

CPL(H) - déroulé de la formation

Training Outline

Examples of subjects taught:

  • Flight Planning
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology

Access conditions for the training.

Prerequisites for the PPL(H) training

This training is accessible to European and international students.

If you already hold a different aviation licence, you can benefit from a tailored curriculum for your PPL(H) training.


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PPL(H) Training Resume

Cost of the training: starting from 40 850€

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