BELL 505

The R44 is an improvement on the R22 and is also equipped with a piston engine.

Unlike most other helicopters, it was designed from the start as a civilian helicopter. The company’s founder, Frank Robinson, had success with this: The Robinson R44 is currently the best-selling civilian helicopter in the world.

The R44 can accommodate four people, one of whom is the PIC “Pilot in Command”. One of the reasons the R44 is so popular for sightseeing flights is that everyone has a window seat. Every passenger can press their nose against the window and enjoy the view.

The Bell 505 Jet-Ranger X is a light single-engine turbine helicopter. Its spacious fuselage can accommodate up to four passengers and a pilot.

Thanks to its adaptability to many flight environments, the Bell 505 can be used for a wide variety of missions. Equipped with the latest avionics and a glass cockpit, this helicopter is the perfect combination of versatility, consistent performance, and low operating costs. The latest technologies and the resulting reduced consumption contribute to environmentally friendly operation.

Generous glazing provides passengers with a fascinating panoramic view and a significant contribution to safety due to increased visibility.

Technical specifications

R44 Cabin capacity

1 pilot + 3 passengers

B505 Cabin capacity

1 pilot + 4 passengers

130.49 mph
113 kts

Cruising Speed

149.13 mph
130 kts

Maximum Speed

144.16 mph
125 kts

Cruising Speed

178.34 mph
155 kts

Maximum Speed