The FAQ for Future Pilots

becoming a private pilote

You can take a helicopter flight finishing course from the age of 13. Your first experience as a pilot will introduce you to the initial sensations of freedom in the sky.

The first pilot training courses can start from the age of 16. You will learn basic controls, their functions and uses, hovering, ascents and descents, as well as helicopter turning maneuvers.

From the age of 18, any trained pilot with a minimum of 150 hours of helicopter flight experience can take the exam to become a professional pilot.

There are numerous career opportunities. You can pursue your passion for flying in roles such as passenger transport, film industry, aerial rescue, risk-prone areas, energy sectors (oil, electricity, gas, etc.), as well as within the armed forces. The pilot profession has strong international prospects, which increases your chances of finding a position in the sector that suits you best.

The aviation industry is a large family with a well-established network of companies. At CEFA, we assist our talented learners in finding employment by recommending their profiles to our international partners, especially in Canada if you pursue the dual CPL(H) license.

The cost will depend on the type of training you choose. A license to become a private pilot or PPL(H) averages around 40,850€. This allows you to fly for pleasure and travel across Europe with your helicopter. A license to become a commercial pilot or CPL(H) averages around 122,000€. For the same price, we offer the dual CPL(H) license. This license enables you to become a professional pilot in Europe and also offers opportunities in Canada with easy access to the United States. Feel free to inquire about these training options; your investment will be fully rewarded within a few years!

The average salary of a helicopter pilot varies depending on several factors, including the country they work in, the type of operations they perform, their experience, the company they work for, and the type of helicopter they pilot.

CEFA has two training locations. The first is located in Prunay, 15 km from Reims, in the Marne region. This training center allows our learners to complete all the offered training programs. Our second training center, focusing on qualification courses, is located in Bertrange, Luxembourg. Contact us for more information about the organization of the training programs.

Helicopter flying, whether for personal or professional use, is subject to strict and essential regulations to take control of the aircraft safely. It is therefore essential to stay up-to-date with these regulations. Furthermore, renewing your qualification ensures a skills refresher for the pilot, ensuring that the correct practices are consistently maintained.

Each helicopter pilot license or qualification has its own validity period.

Here is their validity duration:

A PPL(H) license must be renewed annually, on the anniversary date of the certification validation.

A CPL(H) license must be renewed annually, on the anniversary date of the certification validation. A type rating qualification must be renewed annually, on the anniversary date of the certification validation.

An FI(H) instructor qualification must be renewed every 3 years, on the anniversary date of the validation.

The FCL.055 exam at level 4 is valid for 4 years.

The FCL.055 exam at level 5 is valid for 6 years.

The FCL.055 exam at level 6 is valid for a lifetime.