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The financial amortization of a commercial helicopter pilot’s license is a complex subject that interests many aspiring pilots. The Commercial Pilot License for Helicopters (CPLH) is the mandatory key for those wishing to pursue a career in helicopter piloting and be compensated for their flying skills. The training to obtain a CPL is demanding and unfolds in two major stages: a theoretical part and a practical part.

This phase is crucial to become an aerial specialist and understand all the implications on a human and regulatory level. The responsibilities of this position require a high level of demand and mastery throughout the training. Between theoretical training, simulators, and real-life flying conditions, these excellent trainings come at a significant cost.

Today, the European Center for Aeronautical Training (CEFA) explains how the training expenses are profitable. In what timeframe? What are the mechanisms put in place by our center to assist you?

To address the financial depreciation of the CPLH, it is essential to consider the cost of training, which can be significant. We have chosen transparency and to indicate all our rates for each associated training.

Without hidden costs, our CPLH dual training amounts to €109,350, provided you hold a theoretical ATPLH. If this is not the case, your initial cost will be €119,350. For more information on our training, please visit our CPLH Dual Training page or contact us.

The Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CPLH)

Achieving a Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CPLH) opens the door to various career opportunities, especially when CEFA offers you the chance to obtain an EASA + Canadian license for the same price, thus accessing both the European and Canadian markets. Commercial pilots can work for companies in various sectors: tourism, air transport, oil rigs, maritime operations, emergency medical services and air rescue, cinema, and more. We have already written an article on the subject of industries in demand for commercial helicopter pilots.

Deciding to join the exclusive circle of helicopter pilots means your fate should never be left to chance. You must have a clear idea of the profession you wish to pursue, your specialization, and the sector that inspires you. Your Training Center will be there to assist you in this process and answer your questions at any time before you commit to the training.

Is your profession now well determined and you are ready to embark? Thorough financial planning and a clear understanding of the return on investment are now essential to make an informed decision regarding this exciting professional path.

Financing solutions

Private financing and bank loan.

Candidates may opt for private funding, utilizing their personal savings or by securing bank loans. It is advisable to compare offers from various banks to find the most favorable interest rates and repayment terms. We will advise you on the banking solutions best suited to your training, depending on your profile and location…

Private Finance

Professional training organizations

Professional training organizations can provide advice and resources for funding commercial helicopter pilot training. France Travail and your CPF Account may contribute to the financing of your CPLH license, depending on the training center you select. This assistance will be up to €5,000 for your CPF account, and also €5,000 for AIF funding through Pôle Emploi. Beyond these limits, they will help you identify other funding opportunities.

State Aid and Subsidies

Government assistance or grants may be available for students in pilot training programs. It is advisable to inquire with institutions such as France Compétences to explore funding options related to professional certifications. French regions sometimes offer specific financing programs to support training in key sectors, including aviation. Consulting regional councils can be beneficial to uncover available support.

Cefa partnership with Chinook

CEFA'S Partnerships

As part of the Dual CPLH program, CEFA has partnered with Chinook Helicopter (Canada), and various partners to enable you to co-finance a portion of your practical training during your apprenticeship, also opening up employment opportunities for you. This is indeed the point that we will address in the following section.

How are the CPLH fees cost-effective?

When considering obtaining a license, the income potential must be taken into account. Commercial helicopter pilots can work in various sectors, and salaries vary based on experience, geographic location, and industry. Therefore, the exact profitability of investing in training will partly depend on the employment and salaries offered in the targeted sector.

From our experience, we have a common pattern among all our students: they repay the total investment in their training within 10 years, while living comfortably during the repayment years.

Explanation of the investment process for future pilots:

At the outset, the investment is significant. The future pilot works elsewhere and trains on their days off. They will attend in-person training sessions and begin repaying their loan according to the terms defined with their financing solution. To successfully navigate this financial stage, learners generally have a comfortable salary, parental support, or they choose to live with their parents or family members to eliminate expenses and thus realize their dream.

Through our employment support program, candidates are introduced to our partner companies before graduation, in line with their professional project and the talents sought at that time by these companies. We match the right profiles with the needs of businesses to enable an immediate and sustainable entry into the professional world. At this point, the pilot does not take on immediate flying duties; instead, they secure a position related to flight preparation and support of air operations. This allows them to apply the skills learned during training, to become acquainted with the pilot’s environment while living comfortably and repaying their installments.

After several years of integration within the company, the time has come for you to receive a well-deserved promotion and to achieve the ultimate goal: your position as a commercial helicopter pilot in the sector you have long dreamed of! This promotion is paired with a very comfortable salary, allowing you to complete the repayment of your loan with peace of mind. You can fly independently, with confidence, and continue the most rewarding of careers.

After ten years, you will no longer have any financial constraints, allowing you to enjoy the remainder of your career with a well-deserved salary and the dream life you have always wanted! We are so proud of our learners when they reach the end of this long journey and find fulfillment. It’s a path that requires patience and investment, but we have all gone through these stages, and the reward is all the more beautiful for it!


The dream of becoming a helicopter pilot is in fact a journey of reflection that should not be taken lightly, due to the significant investment required for its realization. However, CEFA is here to support you in your journey, offering advice and assistance to ensure you are employable and operational before the end of your training. You now understand that the CPLH training is an endeavor requiring substantial investment, particularly in the first three years, but it is indeed a worthwhile compromise for those who are truly committed to this path. Your dream is achievable, but do you wish to get more precise answers to your questions? Contact us, or visit our page on the dual CPLH training program.

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