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We train students from all over the world to become helicopter pilots. Would you also like to realise your dream of helicopter flying? We offer helicopter pilot training tailored to your needs with individual lessons, introductory flights and special training.

Learn to fly helicopters with CEFA.

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CPL(H) Double Commercial Pilot Licence

Building on the foundation of an integrated EASA CPL(H) programme, CEFA’s Double Licence Programme expands the scope of your training and allows you to obtain the Canadian Transport Canada CPL(H) at the same time.

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CPL(H) Commercial Pilot Licence

A Commercial Pilot Licence is the prerequisite to work as a professional helicopter pilot.

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PPL(H) Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Licence is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to fulfil their dream of flying a helicopter for fun.

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Type Rating

Type Ratings allow you to fly different helicopters with your helicopter pilot licence.

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Night Rating

The Night Flight rating is a particularly useful supplement to the PPL(H), which exclusively offers privileges reserved for day flight when issued. We enable you to discover new sensations by doing our “night flight rating” training course.A very different kind of flying opens up a whole new world for you.

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FI(H) Flight Instructor Rating & Refresher

The Flight Instructor Rating is available to both private and professional pilots.
This qualification demands high standards of behaviour and professionalism. Your trainee’s knowledge will come from you and your attitudes will be reflected in their behaviour as a pilot.

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Third Country Conversions ICAO to EASA

A Third Country Conversion might be necessary if you hold an ICAO licence but wish to permanently obtain a European EASA licence.

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FCL 055 English Exam


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