Type Rating


Type Ratings allow you to fly different helicopters with your helicopter pilot licence.

They are mandatory, no matter if you are a private or a professional pilot and are thus an essential part of your privileges as a licence holder.

During your initial training for a licence, you will acquire a type rating on the helicopter used during the training course.

If you then need to change helicopter types or just want to discover something new, you will need to pass a type rating.

Additionally, due to the limited validity of the ratings they will need to be renewed periodically.


The following prerequisites apply:

  • Have a valid PPL, CPL or ATPL licence.
  • Have a class 1 or 2 medical certificate.

Bell 505

The Bell 505 Jet-Ranger X is a single-engine, light turbine-powered helicopter. The spacious airframe can accommodate up to four passengers and a pilot.

Robinson R44

The R44 is the further development of the R22 and is also powered by a piston engine.


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