Night Rating


The Night Flight rating is a particularly useful supplement to the PPL(H), which exclusively offers privileges reserved for day flight when issued. We enable you to discover new sensations by doing our “night flight rating” training course.

Reduced air traffic, no turbulence, the lit scenery of cities and airports, sunsets and sunrises all make this kind of flying very special.

At the same time, knowing how to handle this unique atmosphere allows for a better safety in case you need to return later than expected.


The following prerequisites apply:

  • Have a valid PPL(H) private pilot licence and hold a valid type rating for the helicopter used.
  • Have flown for 100 hours in a helicopter after obtaining the licence.
  • Have flown for 60 hours in a helicopter as a pilot in command (PIC).
  • Have done 20 hours of flight navigation.



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