CPL(H) Double Professional Pilot Licence




  • The applicant has to be at least 18 years old.
  • The applicant has to be in possession of a valid Canadian Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  • The applicant has to be in possession of a valid European Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  • The possession of a Certificate of Secondary Education or other certificate judged by the school to be sufficient is required. Contact us to know if your certificate is sufficient.
  • Pass a mathematical assessment test.

Theoretical program

(430 hours minimum)

EASA 350 hours

The EASA theoretical knowledge training will be conducted at our flight schools in Europe (ATO.FR.0296 and ATO.LU.0004)

It is comprised of an e-learning (190 hours) as well as an in-classroom teaching part (160 hours minimum) including exercises, assessments and white-tests.

TC 80 hours

The Canadian theoretical knowledge training takes place at the Heliairfly Academy

It is performed as in-classroom teaching entirely.

Practical Program

(135 hours minimum)

135 flight hours minimum - Flight School - Saint-Michel (Quebec) Canada

Flight training conducted on RH44

Successfully passing the EASA Theoretical Exam is a prerequisite for the start of the flight training in Canada.

Session dates

Beginning of training

September, january, april

Duration of training

14 months full-time minimum

We have arranged an adapted training plan for EASA PPL-H licence holders.

In accordance with European regulations PART-FCL-300 an EASA PPL-H licence holder can be admitted to CPL-H Integrated training

Program of the year

Phase 1

(4 months)

Theoretical training EASA


Phase 2

(1 month)

Theoretical exams EASA
English exam EASA


Phase 3

(8 months)

EASA practical training
Radio exam
TC theoretical training (end phase)

Quebec, Canada

Phase 4

(1 month)

EASA practical exam
TC english exam

Phase 5

(1 month)

TC Theoretical exam
TC practical exam


Double Professional Pilot Licence CPL(H)

Flight hours

135 hours

Theoretical training hours

EASA : 350 hours / Canada : 80 hours
(430 hours in total)

Commencing at

122 800 $ CAD

  • Canadian Dollar prices prevail at all times
  • EASA (2H) and Transport Canada (2H) skill tests excluded
  • Training material included
  • Accomodation in Canada can be provided but is not included

Expect additional costs related to :

  • Medical exams
  • Issue of licences (EASA / TC)
  • Theoretical knowledge exams (EASA English / TC, Radio)
  • Issue of student pilot certificate TC
  • Skill tests (EASA / TC)
  • Flight clothing

Working in Canada

Operators by province

  • British-Colombia

    65 companies

  • Alberta

    32 companies

  • Ontario

    29 companies

  • Quebec

    25 companies

  • Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Yukon

    19 companies

Total : 170

Principle sectors of activity

  • Mining/oil/gae
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Search and rescue
  • Forest fire
  • Movie/filming
  • Passenger transport (offshore)
  • Tourism
  • Geophysics (bird)

Principle hiring criterias : have between 400 and 500 flight hours and have reasonable english speaking capacities

Working in Europe

Number of helicopters in the EU (28 countries) : 6860

Top 5 countries
by civil helicopter fleet size

  • France

    1053 companies

  • Germany

    890 companies

  • Italy

    970 companies

  • Spain

    530 companies

  • Switzerland

    530 companies

  • Quebec

    355 companies

Principle sectors of activity

    • 35 %
    • Public works
    • Imaging
    • Film/movie production
    • Media/TV
    • Sling work
    • Professional work in maritime and mountainous areas
    • 30 %
    • Line work
    • 15 %
    • Instruction/education
    • 12 %
    • Testing and approval of helicopters and related equipment
    • 8 %
    • Private flights and transport

Principle hiring criterias : have between 400 and 500 flight hours and have reasonable english speaking capacities

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