Heli Luxembourg

As a part of CEFA (Centre Européen de Formation Aéronautique), Heli-Luxembourg provides training courses and mentoring tailored to the specific needs of students. Analysing their personal situation and deriving an action plan that aims at giving the student a maximum of opportunities is a key strength of our experience-based training philosophy.


Fly and Fun

Fly&Fun aims at promoting aeronautical activity and the preservation of aerial heritage by offering its members activities in and around old military and civilian aircraft, thanks to their collection of material and the collective knowledge of aviation enthusiasts.


Heliairfly Academy

Heliairfly Academy is a flight training school in North America and the only one to offer a dual European and Canadian licence. Every year, it welcomes many future private and professional pilots as well as instructors.



XPRZ-Aviation was founded by Mario Pont with the aim of delivering specialised and tailored training to anyone in need of a challenge and guidance. In his own words he is a passionate helicopter pilot, former military flight-instructor, examiner, CRM specialist, life time adventurer, life-coach, speaker and full-time optimist.

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