Advanced Emergency Procedures and Autorotation Training

10 September 2022

Helicopter Emergency Procedures/Autorotation Training

CEFA organises emergency procedures and autorotation training for helicopter pilots.


Many pilots feel insecure about their autorotation skills and their decision-making abilities in general.

However, in abnormal and emergency situations there is no time for these insecurities.

Often pilots struggle with emergency procedures because after their training they aren’t practised as much as before.

We have recognised the need for refresher courses that are tailored to the students needs.

Thus we offer courses in cooperation with our partners that aim at making you an autorotation master, no matter your experience or licence.


It doesn’t matter if you are an industry professional  or a private pilot.

The only requirement for these courses is the possession of a helicopter pilot licence.

Our training courses are organised regularly and can be planned on demand of one or multiple students / pilots.


Helicopter Emergency Autorotation Training

When: On demand
Where: Reims Prunay, France (LFQA)
A hotel and restaurant are both available on the strip in close proximity to the training facilities.

In cooperation with our partners XPRZ-Aviation and Heli-Luxembourg.

If you’d like to participate in such a training session but need more information, contact us.

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