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Initiation Flight (Pilot Experience)

30 min flight, with 30 min briefing before and after : 590 €.

Departure from Reims

Grand tour of Reims, 30 min: 199 €.
Historic F1 Gueux circuit, 30 min: 199 €.
Flight over the Champagne vineyards, 30 min: 199 €.

Departure from Epernay

Flight over the Champagne vineyards, 30 min : 199 €.

Personalised flight experience

Privatise a helicopter for personalised tours departing from your property or from one of our bases (Reims, Epernay or Luxembourg). Choose the duration of the tour (from 5 to 30 minutes) as well as the route the helicopter will take over your points of interest. Whether it’s for a day, a weekend or for a recurring project, offer a unique and tailor-made experience!

Champagne House

Let your customers fly over your estate and your vineyards. For a weekend or on a recurring basis, have a helicopter land on your property and offer your customers the possibility of discovering your vineyard from the air. Leave a unique and original impression!

Hotel - Restaurant

Offer an additional activity to your customers. On a one-off basis for a client or over a weekend, offer your clients the chance to fly over your region from your own premises (car park, courtyard or a field) or from one of our bases.

Municipality - Communes - Club and Association

Add to your gatherings the possibility of living a unique experience. From a field or a car park, take passengers on a flight over your town, region or facility. From 5 minutes to 30 minutes, offer the possibility of a first flight in a helicopter.


For a seminar, a team building activity, to test your staff’s decision-making skills in a stressful environment or to offer a unique experience to your customers. Privatise a helicopter for one or more days, to do one of our tours from Reims or Épernay, or create a tour that suits you

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