Accelerated PPL-H (EASA)

10 September 2022

CEFA accelerated private helicopter pilot licence programme

Do you want to take a leap by getting your private pilot licence?


We now offer accelerated PPL-H (EASA) courses to get you in the air faster.
This programme aims at reducing the cost and effort to get your licence.
With your private pilot licence you can fly helicopters almost anywhere in Europe, either solo or with your friends and family.


The training takes place at our base in Prunay, France.


To make the best of your stay and training be sure to check out the legendary champagne region with its champagne houses and their vineyards.

The beautiful city of Reims is the place to visit if you enjoy history just as much as flying.

More than one french king has been crowned in the stunning cathedral of Reims.

In addition to the city, the airfield is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that is rich in history and culture.

Places are limited, so be sure to secure your place!


Accelerated PPL-H (EASA) Course


When: Summer period or on request
Where: Reims Prunay, France (LFQA)
A hotel and restaurant are both available on the strip in close proximity to the training facilities.


In cooperation with our partner Heli-Luxembourg.


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